Quality Assurance
As our name suggests, QEM strictly follows the process of quality checks for the betterment of its products.

Our products are better because :
• Our range of product aggregates are tested according to Indian Standards: IS 2430 Sampling, IS 2386 Testing and IS 383 Aggregates for Concrete.
• We use two stage and three stage plants that gives better control on the particle size distribution at each sieve and impacts the grading of 20mm aggregates, 10mm aggregates and manufactured sand.
• We ensure permanent control on the settings and parameters of feeding, crushing and screening equipments that helps achieve consistent grading.
• Grading analysis is strictly done on a daily basis at manufacturing and storages.
• Continuous visual control of the stock piles and loading operations is done at the C & S plants.
• Any material, whose mechanical properties are out of standard specification, is immediately disposed.
• Any material that does not conform to the grading specifications is reprocessed and re-tested to ensure consistency.
• The intrinsic parameters of aggregates have an impact on the quality of concrete. We take great care during the selection of the deposit.

Research & Development -
QEM has a dedicated team of engineers for customer oriented research, which uses all updated technologies to study the structure of materials at the nanoscale, with almost infinitely small objects that range from 1 to 100 billionths of a meter in size.
Nanoscale observation enables us to:
• see what makes a material tough, strong or durable.
• understand its underlying physical and chemical properties. The study of building materials at the nanoscale enables us to improve the performance of existing products and helps in developing of even more sophisticated,new and alternative useful products offering new possibilities for new age architects.Researching scientifically also enables us to understand the properties of our products in order to improve their performance from time to time and develop even greater useful innovations.

Sharing Ideas With Designers -
The marketing team at QEM is constantly engaged in a constructive and enriching dialog with the architectural world in India. It also works with designers upstream of projects to feed them with insights and give ideas on materials and to develop with them innovative construction systems.