Business Activities

QEM has a very efficient and competitive exploration and mining team with experts from all the related fields like geology, mining, explosives, etc required for extracting different minerals in an environment friendly manner, Mother Earth provide us. It is currently working at two sites of Massionary Stone Mines and one site of Silica Sand mine in the districts of Jhunjhunu and Sikar in the state of Rajasthan, with a production capacity of 160000 MT per month which consists of 60 percent finished goods as well. All the finished goods are supplied to DELHI-NCR on FOR basis to esteemed construction companies like L&T, Ultratech, Sadbhav Engineering, DLF, DRA, Park Infrastructure, Odean Builders,etc.

For processing the run of mines of different minerals QEM has tied up with SANDVIK ASIA LTD, who is a market leader in mining equipments and crushing & screening plants in India. Currently QEM is producing aggregates and stone dust from its Two-Stage SANDVIK crushing plant in Khetri tehsil's Ramkumarpura village in Rajasthan with a designed capacity of 1.2 Million MT per year. It also supplying coarse sand, silica sand and other important construction materials along with aggregates and stone boulders to its various clients on trading basis.

QEM believes in providing complete business solution to its clients and for the same purpose it runs a logistics branch also. It owns a fleet of 30 vehicles for supplying aggregates and other materials to user's doorstep.

Proposed Business Activities:


QEM has participated in the bidding of some large scale massionary stone mines in the state of Haryana and also bidding for big contract mining jobs of other esteemed organisations in India. It is also in the process of allocation of clusters of mines with minerals like Silica (SiO2), Felspar, Massionary Stone, etc in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It is also looking for partners for exploring their mining estate with its efficient and competent team for developing their respective mines in the best eco friendly and economical way.


Also, it has planned another Three-stage crushing & screening solution from SANDVIK with a designed capacity of 215 TPH for its clients at Toda, Neemkathana which is located in the vicinity of famous PATAN ZONE and has a national highway connectivity to DELHI and JAIPUR.It will be oprational in the same financial year.